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Donate Blood - Save Life.Blood Donation is safe.Safe Blood starts with you.

Donate Blood at Licensed Blood Bank. or in camps conducted by licensed Regional Blood Transfusion Centers or Licensed Govt., Blood Banks or by Indian Red Cross Society.

Paid Donation is prohibited by law.Blood can be donated irrespective of the gender by those who are of age group between 18-60 years, who are not less than 45kgs of weight and with Hemoglobin content of not less than 12.5 gms/dl. with a gap of 3 months in the case of male and 4 months in the case of female.

Answer questions candidly to the Doctor before donating the Blood. Refreshment is provided with the donation of Blood while you are asked to take rest.



Always obtain Blood/Blood Components from Licensed Blood Bank.

Before receiving Blood/Blood components ensure that recepient Blood is cross matched with donor Blood.Do not accept unlabelled Blood or Components.

Note the Blood Group, Date of Collection and Date of Expiry indicated on the label.Blood must be stored between 2°C to 6°C to retain its quality and potency. Ensure before receiving Blood / Components from the Blood Bank, it is subjected for all the mandatory tests such as HIV 1/2,HbsAg,HCV,VDRL,Malarial Parasites,Blood Group and Rh factor.

If visible sign of determination / discoloration / clotting is seen, such Blood should not be transfused.



There is no substitute for blood. Despite all medical advances, no way of duplicating blood has been discovered. It can be generated only in our bodies. Only a human being can donate and help another human being, So Donate Blood.
A unit donated by you can save 4 lives.You do not have to be a doctor to save lives! Just simply DONATE BLOOD and save life.Giving blood could favour the spread of healthy lifestyle. Prevent deaths by donating blood.
If 350ml of blood is donated only 8 ml per kg of body weight will be withdrawn. More....



Free Health check-up.
The joy of saving human lives.
Reduces risk of heart deceases.
Burns calories.
Reduces risk of cancer.
New blood cells will reproduce.
Blood donation lowers cholesterol level.
The positive feelings associated with blood donation have been shown to improve both emotional and physical health.
As new blood formation in body it helps glowing your skin.



Myth: Being a vegetarian, means that the blood does not have enough iron and cannot be donated.
Fact: Vegetarians can donate blood. The iron needed is taken from body stores and once a balanced diet is maintained is replaced after donation.
Myth: Giving blood hurts.
Fact: The pain experienced is no more than a needle prick. The slight soreness that maybe where the needle was is just a reminder of the good deed done. More....