Last Updated date : 2020-05-22


  • There is no substitute for blood.As on today, we cannot replicate blood by synthesis.There is no artificial blood.
  • The only way to generate blood is by our bodies. And the only way to supplement blood reserve is by blood donation.
  • Blood donation can save lives. It is a ‘noble’ act.
  • If you want somebody else to donate blood when you are in need of it, then it is your duty to donate blood when someone else needs it.
  • Our body contains 5000 ml of blood circulating in the body; and only 350 ml is drawn during blood donation. This donated blood gets replenished in the body with normal diet.
  • A man can donate blood, with a gap of three months, and a woman after four months.
  • Blood donation is not accepted from anybody who is suffering from HIV, Hepatitis C, VD or any other communicable diseases.





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